Facials and Specialised Treatments

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  • Ionzyme DF machine
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A unique 100% Australian made and owned  innovative skincare range formulated to treat the skin to bring it to its optimum level. Using a combination of Australian native botanicals and lactic acid, Pelactiv skincare encourages a healthy, younger looking skin and specifically targets problems associated with living in our harsh environment. Pelactiv combats the onset of premature ageing, and treats skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Non-allergenic, no artificial colour or fragrance, not tested on animals.

Give your skin what it deserves – use Pelactiv, for visibly healthier skin!

Skin Refresh

$55 for 30 min

This express yet effective treatment is perfect for those wishing to try a facial for the first time. It includes a cleanse, tone, moisturiser, and a mask to renew and hydrate.

Body & Soul Deep Cleanse

$70 for 45 min

This facial is excellent for troubled skin. It soothes and hydrates congested skin. The skin is dual cleansed with cream and foaming cleanser, followed by gentle steam and exfoliating using granules and lactic acid to gently dissolve dead skin cells, and decongest pores. Skin is then toned and personalised mask is applied. Finished with a moisturiser.

Body & Soul Deluxe

$80 for 1 hour

The Deep Cleanse facial with the inclusion of neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage.

The old classic!

Renewal Treatment

$70 for 30 min

A fabulous exfoliation and hydrating treatment designed to eliminate impurities and dead skin cells, delivering a radiant complexion that is clean, ultra soft and rejuvenated. Milk extract exfoliates dead skin cells to clear away the build up of impurities, whilst it soothes and protects the skin acid mantle. Citrus fruits are BHA’s and work on surface exfoliation. Malice and tartaric acid exfoliates and oxygenates the cells, helping to strangthen and renew the skin. For maximum benefits a course of six treatments is recommended.

Purchase a course of five treatments for only $350 and receive the sixth treatment Free

Rejuvenation Treatment

$90 for 1 Hour

An intensive hydrating AHA facial to combat visible signs of ageing or stress. Leaves your skin smooth, supple and noticeably clearer. Includes a neck and shoulder massage. For maximum benefits a course of six treatments is recommended.

Purchase a course of five treatments for only $450 and recieve the sixth treatment Free

Deluxe Rejuvenation Treatment

$110 for 1 Hour 30 min

The luxurious Rejuvenation treatment with the inclusion of a back, neck, and shoulder massage.

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With the intense infusion of Vitamins and anti-oxidants: Discover the radical changes that come from these facials. Environ focuses on correction of certain skin conditions, be it pigmentation, lack of firmness – collagen structure, acne, redness, anti-aging, and much more!

Established in the 1980’s by prominent plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes, Environ® is today one of the worlds leading skin care brands. The cornerstone of Environ® treatments is VITAMIN A.

Extensive medical research has shown that vitamin A has a corrective effect on the skin, smoothing it and softening and protecting it from the effects of ultraviolet radiation and free radicals. Its most important activity is to normalize the skin. Magic Touch uses the ENVIRON IONZYME DF MACHINE to provide facial treatments that are at the forefront of scientific skincare. The specific Environ products used in these treatments contain the optimum strengths of vitamin A and C, plus additional growth factors, to make the skin more resilient, radiant and to help treat wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, acne, and blemishes such as patchy pigmentation and scarring.

The Environ® products offer a definite regime to nourish, protect and maintain a healthy, youthful and beautiful skin. Each product is made from the highest quality ingredients. They are mostly free from fragrance, preservatives, colourants and animal extracts

Environ Debut

$80 for 45 min

An introductory Environ facial using active levels of Environ ingredients and vitamins, this treatment is suitable for anyone not yet using Environ home-care products. Under gentle steam, the skin is pre-cleansed, deep cleansed, toned, exfoliated, mask applied and moisturised.

Skin Clearing Treatment

$100 for 1 Hour

Specifically designed to address problem skin, this gentle peeling treatment helps clear the complextion and calm inflamation. Mild forms of lactic acid are used to destroy bacteria, boost hydration and remove the buildip of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, helping to decongest the skin and smooth its texture.

Intensive Vitamin C Treatment

$120 for 1 Hour 20 min

Great for pigmented, sun damaged, rough, scarred skin.

A very in depth treatment using DF machine, resulting in healthier active cells, finer skin and a clearer complexion.

The skin must be prepared with Environ facial cream for at least three weeks prior to this treatment.

Hydrating Lactic Peel

$120 for 1 Hour 20 min

This gentle peeling facial is excellent for scaring, dry skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, aged skin, Rosacea, and skin lacking in firmness. This peel will rejuvenate dry dehydrated skin by removing the rough dead skin cells from the skin surface, and enable anitoxidants and vitamins to penetrate and maintain a healthy skin.

Vitamin Infusion Facial

$120 for 1 Hour 20 min

Tailored to the individual and their skin conditions, this treatment is suitable for all skin types;

The facial is unique in the use of the DF machine, and the increased penetration of active vitamins into the deepest layer of the skin for truly outstanding results.

Line and wrinkles are softened. Skin is plumped out. Contours appear more defined.

This facial has the ability to work deeper into our skin structures than other cosmetic facials, enabling problem areas around eye, neck and lip to be targeted during the treatment.

Advanced Vitamin Facial

$130 for 1 Hour 30 min

The next step up from the Vitamin Infusion, the Advanced Treatment uses the most optimum levels of active ingredients within our range, including vitamins A & C.

This facial treatment is usually for those clients that have been using the homecare products and have had a course of the Vitamin Penetration Facials for some time.

It is exclusive to clients who are using moisturisers AVST 3, 4 or 5 or C-Quence 2, 3 or 4.

The Frown Treatment

$50 for 30 min

This highly effective treatment uses a special penta-peptide serum to target frown lines and achieve dramatic results.

The unique combination of active ingredients is driven deep into the skin to soften lines and reduce muscle tension in forehead, helping prevent new lines forming.

The treatment targets the same chemical complexes as injectibiles, without the associated risks.

Added Boost

$25 add 10 min

The ultimate extra with any of the above Eviron facials: an infusion Focus Frown Serum.

Slide13 DF Machine

Ionzyme DF Machine

The IONZYME DF MACHINE is a patent pending machine which introduces the use of intensified Iontophoresis and active Sonophoresis. As a result the special Environ treatment serums and gels are able to penetrate even deeper into the skin and are therefore more active and provide much quicker, more effective results.

The IONZYME DF MACHINE has been specifically designed for Environ skin care treatments that are at the very forefront of scientific skin care. Specific Environ products used in these treatments contain the optimum strengths of vitamin A and C plus additional growth factors. This creative system enhances the penetration of these products through the skin providing far greater penetration of the active vitamins (ingredients) and essential factors into the skin.

The technique offered through this machine is crucial because skin has a natural, waterproof barrier that hinders the penetration of chemicals. The IONZYME DF MACHINE manages to overcome this resistance with two tried and tested methods:

    • Iontophoresis – involves the use of a safe electrical current to facilitate greater penetration of vitamins into the skin.
    • Sonophoresis – involves the use of sound waves to transport vitamin molecules through the skin. The sound waves from the Sonophoresis are simular to the sound made by dolphins, which produces better penetration through the skin than conventional Ultrasound.

Iontophoresis is used for relatively large surface areas such as the face and neck, whereas Sonophoresis is used on limited areas such as the upper lip and the concentration of character lines around the eyes, on scar tissue and on pigmentation marks. Both methods can be combined, where necessary, for intensive treatments.

Micro Dermabrasion

Using diamond head technology: This treatment is designed to refine open pore and congested skin, while softening the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

The overall look and feel will be improved with smoother texture and even colour.

Micro Dermabrasion – Single

$100 for 40 min

Micro Dermabrasion – Chest or Neck

$40 for 30 min

We Like To Reward Our Clients

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Give a friend or family member a free gift.

You can receive our Invitation Card with your name on it, and the name of a friend or family member you would like to refer to us.

Give the invitation card to them, and when they present the card on their first visit to the salon, they will receive 15% off the treatment cost.

The card must be presented on the day of the appointment to be valid.

Cannot be combined with other promotions.

Referred clients must be first time customers.

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Loyalty Cards

You can receive our loyalty card with your name on it, on your first visit to us.  A date is placed on your first visit as the card is valid until twelve months from this date

When you make your next booking, inform the therapist of the card visit number and the discount that is to be redeemed.

This helps us to ensure we allocate extra time for your special reward treatments.

The discount noted with the visit number can only be redeemed if it is in conjunction with another booked treatment for that visit.

Your therapist will initial each visit to the salon, when your booking takes place.

The loyalty card discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers or discounts.

Magic Touch loyalty cards are honoured at Kinross Body & Soul.